Rules and Regulations

Participation Rights and Allocation of Exhibition Spaces

  • The organizer may allocate the exhibition space in any manner as they deem fit but will take into account such factors as the order of application and payment received, number of booths, and  the nature of exhibits, etc.
  • Exhibition space is licensed to the exhibitor only. The exhibitor must not sub-license the exhibition space allocated to it, either wholly or in part, to others.
  • Products or services not included in the application document cannot be exhibited. The organizer has the right to remove non-approved exhibits at the cost of the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors can only sell their products within their own stands.
  • It is prohibited to do any retail sales during Trade days.
  • Exhibitors must assign at least one personnel to attend to the stand at all times.
  • Personnel attending the booth must be able to communicate with foreign buyers for negotiation purposes. (Please provide at least one English speaking personnel to attend to your booth)
  • In case that your display of stand decoration is an inflammable object e.g. incense, candles or paper that can catch fire easily, you must take full caution and responsibility before you leave your stand everyday.


Stand Construction and Decoration


Exhibitors may choose to use a standard booth package or build their own stands or use other contractor companies to build their stand. Nevertheless, all exhibitors must comply with the regulations of stand construction and decoration below.

1. Using Standard Booth
1.1 Standard booth (3 m. x3 m. = 9 sq.m.) comprises of

  • Dark gray needle punch carpet 9 sq.m.
  • White wooden system partitions 2.5 m.-H
  • Maxima structure in front of the booth 3.00 x 3.50 m. (WxH), Decoration board with logo sticker, Exhibitor’s name and booth number.
  • 1 No. of Square Table, 2 Nos. of Folding Chair, 1no. of Lockable Cabinet, 2 Nos. Of Floating Shelf 0.30 X 1.00 m., 1 No. of Waste Basket.
  • Electrical equipment (electric charge included) consists of 3 Nos. units of spotlight 100 w., and 1 No. of socket outlet 5 Amp.

1.2 Exhibitors who want to rent the standard booths must contact XCON CO., LTD. by 23 March 2012 for any arrangement concerning their booth. Details in Form 6

1.3 Regulations concerning the use of standard booth include:

  • It is prohibited to alter, paint, nail, or screw any part of the booth’s panels. Otherwise, exhibitors must be responsible for the damages and charges occurred.
  • Exhibitors have to inspect the quality of stand/decorative equipment/furniture and electrical equipment before using them. If there are any defect or missing parts, please inform the contractor for correcting/changing, otherwise, it is the exhibitors’ own responsibility in case of any damage of their exhibits/products.
  • If any exhibitor would like to change position or any electrical equipment in the standard booth, please fill in Form 9.3 and return it to the contractor before April 10, 2012. Otherwise, cost at Bt 155 (subject to vat 7%) per position will be charged after April 10, 2012. It is not permitted to change the position of any electrical equipment without informing the contractor.
  • If exhibitors do not want any item in the standard booth package, they must accept that the cost of the package will not change and there will be no compensation by other equipment.

2. Special Stand Construction (Exhibitor’s own construction)

Exhibitors who apply for raw space only may hire the official contractor or other contractors to build a special stand. In any case, they must comply with the following regulations.

2.1 Fill in Form 1 and return it with detailed drawings of elevations, layout and perspective with dimensions of the stand including materials used to XCON CO., LTD. for approval by 23 March 2012. If the plan cannot be approved in time, the organizer and BITEC will not allow access to the exhibition hall.

2.2 The height limitation of stand and decoration are 5 meter. Any decoration which higher than 2.5 meter must cover their back and side panel in good image and submitting the organizer for approval.

2.3 If the stand does not conform with the drawings and materials stated in 2.1, the exhibitor must be held responsible for any damage occurred.

2.4 The organizer will mark the space for stand construction. Any question concerning your space, please direct it to the official contractor.

2.5 All contractors can collect contractor badges and begin construction on 14 April 2012 from 13.00 hrs. onwards.

2.6 There will not be any electrical setting or electric power in raw space order, exhibitors must place contact directly with XCON CO., LTD. within 19 March 2012 by filling in Form 9/1-3.

2.7 Each booth must have it’s own panels. It is not permitted to use the neighbor’s panels. If any panel is higher than the one behind or beside it, acceptable decoration or material must cover the back or the side of that panel.

2.8 All booths must be carpeted or laid with some form of flooring.

2.9 Before any construction, a contractor must cover the floor with a suitable material to avoid any damage to the exhibition hall. Please use only an easy-to-clean tape specifically for carpet. If there’s any damage to the floor, the exhibitor will be charged the cleaning fee.

2.10 It is not permitted to paint, color-spray, or using any equipment that makes sparks on any parts of the exhibition building.

2.11 It is not permitted to use any wire to secure booth structures to the floor or walls of the exhibition hall.

Electrical Supplies and Lighting

  • The organizer will provide general lighting in the exhibition hall during show time only.
  • The electrical power in the hall required 220 volt.
  • XCON CO., LTD., the official electrical supplier who is in charge of every electrical installation.
  • Electrical supply will be available about 30 minutes before and after the show time. If exhibitors require 24 hours electrical supply or additional electrical equipment, Form 9/1-2 must be filled out and sent directly to XCON CO., LTD. within 19 March 2012.
  • Exhibitors are not permitted to perform any electrical connection to the main power supply of the exhibition hall without consulting the official electrical contractor.
  • If there is any electrical connection/modification or using multiple sockets without permission, the electrical supply will be cut without any warning.
  • The organizer reserves the right to cut power supply to any booth in case of improper usage of electrical equipment or other dangerous conducts.


Exhibitor Badges / Contractor Badges


4.1 Contractor Badges

  • The contractor badge is valid only on the construction period (14-16 April 2012) and dismantling period (23 April 2012), it can not be used during the exhibition period (17 – 22 April 2012).
  • Exhibitors who will build their own stands must submit Form 1&2, Unofficial Stand Contractors, to the organizer or the official stand contractor, in order to receive contractor badges. Otherwise, unofficial stand contractors will not have access to the exhibition hall.
  • Please complete and present Form 3 to collect the contractor badges at the organizer office in front of Hall 103 at BITEC. From 14 April 2012 during 13.00-18.00 hrs. and 15-16 April 2012 during 8.30-18.00 hrs.

4.2 Exhibitor Badges

  • Please complete and present Form 4 to collect the exhibitor badges from 14 April 2012 during 13.00-18.00 hrs. and 15-16 April 2012 during 8.30-18.00 hrs. at the organizer office in front of Hall 103 at BITEC.
  • The Exhibitor Badge is valid from construction period until dismantling period.
  • Exhibitors are entitled to receive 4 exhibitor badges per booth.
  • Exhibitors must wear the exhibitor badges at all time in the exhibition hall, for security reasons. Exhibitors without exhibitor badges will not have access to the exhibition hall.


Security Service

  • The organizer will provide security round the clock in the exhibition hall, entrances/exits, and general area of the fair.
  • During the construction and dismantling periods, the entrances/exits will be at the back of the exhibition hall only.
  • The organizer will allow only authorized personnel with proper I.D., e.g. exhibitor/contractor badges, to have access to the exhibition hall.
  • If exhibitors wish to hire security personnel to attend to their stand exclusively, please contact the official contactor for assistance. Exhibitors are advised to fully insure all exhibits against loss and damage. The organizer will not be held responsible in any way.
  • It is prohibited to leave high value exhibits in the exhibition hall pass the official hours of the fair each day. Exhibitors are advised to hire the specialized security service providers, as listed in this manual, to avoid any risk of lost or stolen exhibits.
  • It is prohibited to bring explosives, dangerous materials, weapons, or gas tanks to the exhibition hall.


Booth Cleaning Service


  • The fair organizer will be responsible for the general cleaning of the exhibition hall and gangways only.
  • Exhibitors must clean their booths and put their rubbish in front of their booths after show time daily to be picked up by cleaners.
  • If exhibitors would like to hire cleaners to their booths, please fill in Form 11 and directly return it to XCON CO., LTD. by 23 March 2012.

Hall Air Conditioner System

  • General hall air conditioner will not be operated on 14-16 April 2012 (Set up days). But it will be operated merely on 17-22 April 2012 (Showdays).
  • No smoking in Exhibition hall. And exhibitor may smoke in the designated areas.

Overtime Operation


During 14-16 April 2012, the organizer will allow exhibitors to construct and decorate their stands until 24.00 hrs. If any exhibitor (or contractor) wishes to work exceeding that time, please contact the organizer office before 15.00 hrs. of that day and must be responsible for expenditure of overtime operation up to BITEC’s rating.


Demonstration and Presentation

  • The organizer reserves the right to warn/to advice or cancels any demonstration that disturbs other exhibitors. Exhibitors must inform the organizer in advance of any sales promotion that includes competition with prizes.
  • To avoid disturbance, the use of any sound amplifier is prohibited. The use of TVor VCR must be under an acceptable sound level.
  • No activities which, in the opinion of the organizer, cause a nuisance or annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors, shall be conducted by exhibitors within the vicinity of the fair.

Message Announcement


The organizer will reserve announcement only on the general message. There will not be any announcement for personal purposes because the voice can disturb the business discussion.


Photo/Video Shooting


Unauthorized photo/video shooting at the venue is prohibited. Authorized personnel must wear PRESS badges at all times.


Unforeseen Occurrences


In the event of any occurrence unforeseen in these rules and regulations, the decision of the organizer would take as final.




No person under any circumstances shall cut into or through any floor covering or wall nor alter any structure of the exhibition hall. Any such damage to the exhibition hall will be invoiced to the exhibitor.